About Us

About Us

Third haus

We are not your typical creative studio

Third Haus is a creative hub that encourages people of all ages to hone in on their childlike creativity. We believe in the value of learning to envision new realities, as it is the foundation through which we can make progress as a society.


We are a safe, inclusive space that encourages failure and imperfection, patience, discipline, and commitment. The studio is exploratory in nature, creating an environment in which people of all ages can be met where they are, but also pushed beyond their comfort zones.


We believe that everyone can benefit from our space and community, and we seek to ensure access, regardless of skill level or financial means.

We believe that our ability to create is rooted in our self-confidence, willingness to break rules, and eagerness to get messy and be imperfect.

We believe in instilling inquiry and mastering a process, which can be used in all aspects of our lives, rather than focusing on results.

We believe in asking questions, seeing everyone equitably, and giving everyone a voice.


Third Haus puts people first by being eager to understand and engage with each individual entering our studio.

  1. Exposure to many areas of making, building, and creating, while providing the power of choice each day

  2. Spending time getting to know and understand interests and motivations

  3. Play to those strengths, incorporating creative skill sets within already existing passions

  4. Continuously push to integrate new skill sets and areas of interest

  5. Move away from copying and into creation