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I am a composer and musical storyteller. My music is driven by dramatic narratives that take the listener on an unexpected journey through memories of hope, play, struggle, and triumph. Many of my most powerful experiences have come from close collaborations with creative friends (or creative partners who inevitably become friends) regardless of discipline.  I believe that vulnerability is a key ingredient to making meaningful art, so I am always trying to dig deeper within myself and my collaborators. Taking risks and maintaining a sense of play keeps creating interesting for me as I strive to make serious art that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Aside from composing, I enjoy writing poetry, doodling, presenting concerts, improvising, listening, and making music with kids.  

I am a doctoral candidate in Music Theory and Composition at the University of California - Davis and I hold degrees in composition from The Juilliard School and the University of Missouri.  

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I am a music producer with a background in classical guitar and a degree in music education. I have released two solo electronic music albums under the moniker “Kuailo” and also composed music for film in collaboration with Berklee College of Music that has been premiered at Panama’s International Film Festival.

For me creativity is about finding who I am, it’s a journey into the soul where every time I go in I discover something beautiful and unexpected. The act of creation is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced and I’d love to help more people get in touch with their creative power.

Music is my favorite medium, but whether I’m cooking, writing or drawing, the process is very much the same, and I can see my own personality in everything I do. I feel most creative when I am calm, playful and not judging myself. The magic always seems to happen when I am in joy in the process and not worried about the end result, only then can I create truly free.

I am inspired by nature and people who have the courage to take on challenges and do extraordinary things, people who make art out of their life.

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I consider myself an artist of many forms, as I believe we all are. I believe in the importance of being open to new and unknown experiences, people and materials. I believe we learn more about ourselves and the world this way. I feel most creative when I drop my expectations of an outcome and paint, sing, draw, and dance as if no one is watching. Tapping into my own egoless creative potential is a journey which will never end but I have found ways to do so and I enjoy helping others do the same. Sometimes it’s a simple as providing a space, sometimes it’s a little more complex. I am a digital illustrator, painter, curator, event coordinator, passionate people summoner, egoless groover and supporter of all who enter Third Haus with an open heart, a want to learn and a want to share. 


My name is Ryan De La Hoz and I am a San Francisco based artist. I have been published by Gestalten Books in Berlin, FLJ Magazine Tokyo, Museums Press UK, IdN Magazine Hong Kong, and Juxtapoz, Beautiful/Decay, and Tunica magazines in the USA. I have participated in solo exhibitions in San Francisco, LA, and Seattle as well as group exhibitions in the USA, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, and the UK. 

To me creativity means making something that brings me joy and sharing it with the world. To quote one of my favorite artists, Chris Johanson: "Life is about looking at and being a part of life. We need to be a part of each other. If we separate we are alone. That is a world of walking dead people. That is why I make art, to talk about how important it is to stay in the now and look at life."

At Third Haus I want to instill this idea in everyone - You are an artist and creating something from nothing is one of the very best, most enriching things you can do. "Not all of us are painters but we are all artists. Each time we fit things together we are creating - whether it is to make a loaf of bread, a child, a day." - Corita Kent 

I am inspired by artists, filmmakers, poets, humans, San Francisco, my fiancé Dana, and my cat Grizzie. My favorite medium is hand cut paper and collage. My creative goals are to continue making things today and forever. I channel my creativity by making art, designing clothing, accessories, housewares, etc. and teaching and supporting the Bay Area art community. 



My realm of passion is the intersection between art, tech, and education. Finding the junction  is what brought me to Third Haus, as I can tap into ways for the community to utilize digital work to execute their dreams. Creativity is leaning into your inspiration, whatever it may be. 

My guiding lights are things like doorknocker earrings, 90s R&B, and humid summers. I channel my creativity by pulling from nostalgia - not only tangible references, but recalling the feeling of familiarity and home. 

I focus on digital illustration, mixed media collages, printmaking, and photography, where the running themes are rooted in the vibrance of strawberry-sprinkled donuts in tandem with the impact of pop culture. 

Personally, I enjoy fried dough, but not lettuce, I have strong opinions on trivial things, I am a general fan of pop culture but my specific fanaticism revolves around television shows, basketball, and Mariah Carey’s greatest hits, and I love long walks on the beach, but I’m not a cheesy person.