Creative Sessions


Creative Sessions

the creative process


Each creative session is co-created between kids in the studio and our professional artists, musicians, makers, builders, and creators. Through mentors’ expertise, love for creating, and passion to share their talents, kids in our studio are exposed to and inspired by many different forms of creative expression. All kids in our studio will have the opportunity to define what it means for them to be a storyteller, builder, producer, performer, communicator, and designer.

We are not in the business of forcing anything - we are here to encourage curiosity, exploration, and initiative. By doing so, everyone in the space will experience the responsibility of choosing and mastering their own creative process alongside people who have lived it.


mondays are for storytellers

Explore forms of storytelling such as:

  • Comics

  • Children’s book writing & illustration

  • Songwriting

  • Music improvisation

  • Poetry

  • World building

  • Emotion-based art


tuesdays are for builders

Explore forms of building such as:

  • 3D design

  • Costume making

  • Beat making

  • Instrument building

  • Architecture

  • Blueprints & Schematic Design


wednesdays are for

producers & performers

Explore forms of producing and performing such as:

  • Yoga

  • Instrument lessons

  • Sound design

  • Music recording & improvisation

  • Graphic scores

  • Stop motion animation

  • Film poster design


Thursdays are for


Explore forms of communicating such as:

  • Muraling

  • Illustrative typography

  • Dream illustrating

  • Songwriting

  • Music production

  • Song composition

  • Sonic group meditation

  • Postcard design

  • Emotion-based art

  • Kid-friendly activist sign making

  • Journal making


Fridays are for designers

Explore forms of designing such as:

  • Game design

  • UI / UX

  • Graphic design

  • Video production

  • 3D modeling

  • Muraling

  • Sound design

  • Digital zine making

  • Interactive performance

  • Clothing design

  • Card design

  • Cyanotype reliefs