My First Music Album

My First Music Album

A music production course that gets you from zero to your first EP in just 12 weeks. No prior musical training necessary. With Matias’ guidance, you will start crafting your own songs from scratch and work on arrangements to create something unique to you. 


All ages, no music experience required. 

Mondays through Fridays from 10:00AM - 3:00PM 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00 - 7:00PM
Sessions will be held on a weekly basis, 1-hour per session

Matias Oyarzabal is a composer, producer, and teaching artist, with degrees in Music Education and Classical Guitar Performance. In collaboration with Berklee College of Music, Matias has composed film music and has been premiered at Panama’s International Film Festival. Along with his 7+ years of experience in teaching, he has also released two electronic music albums under the name of “Kuailo”.

We at Third Haus believe in the satisfaction and fulfillment that the creative process can bring to people and we seek to enable that for everyone. With thousands upon thousands of hours needed to learn the art and craft of making music, the average music lover will unlikely have the chance to create something of their own unless they have professional assistance. This course will allow you to experience the joy of music creation and help you appreciate more of your favorite songs and the creative process behind them.

Participants will receive high quality recordings of 3-5 songs with optional cover artwork for their EP.

All costs are for 12 sessions. Additional sessions may be added.
$960 for private sessions
$1345 for groups of two (30% off total)
$1730 for groups of three (40% off total)

Regular attendance is necessary in order to ensure that all students acquire the basic fundamentals needed to complete their project. Music is a cumulative skill that takes time to hone; each week builds on the last and we at Third Haus want to make sure that you receive what you need in order to succeed. Failure to attend will result in a substandard outcome.

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