Sound Explorers

Sound explorers

September - December 2019
Ages 8 - 12

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Introduction to Music Composition 

An affiliate of the New York Philharmonic’s critically-acclaimed Very Young Composers program, Sound Explorers is an introduction to music composition through hands-on, experiential learning, that culminates in the performance and recording of your child’s music by professional musicians. Read more about the philosophy of this program and its beginnings here

Who: Kids ages 8 - 12, no music experience required. Spots are limited.

When: Mondays from 4:00 - 6:00PM (3:00 - 4:00PM is open for students who would like independent time to work on their compositions). Program begins Monday, September 9.

Lead Composer & Facilitator: Trey Makler is a composer and teaching artist.  He is pursuing a PhD in Music Composition at the University of California - Davis, and holds degrees from The Juilliard School and the University of Missouri.  Before moving to the Bay Area, Trey was actively teaching in a variety of communities, totalling over 250 kids, through The Juilliard School’s Music Advancement Program, Morse Teaching Fellowship, and the New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers/Bridge programs.  

Where: Third Haus, 455 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Why: Sound Explorers at Third Haus provides a space for musical curiosity and experimentation that puts the creativity of every student at the center; encourages students to discover and develop their individual musical voice; fosters diversity, intellectual pluralism, and empathy; introduces students to essential collaborative skills through interactions and projects with fellow classmates and professional musicians; builds independent work ethic through long term projects with hard deadlines; helps students gain confidence in speaking publicly and articulating their personal artistic vision; forms a strong base of fundamentals for continued formal study in music composition. 

Students will receive public performances and audio recordings of up to two composition projects by professional musicians. 
Ensemble for Project #1: Solo Oboe or Solo Violin
Ensemble for Project #2: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

Saturday December 7 or Sunday December 8
All dates may be subject to revision

$1750 for 12 group sessions, recordings, and public performance by professional musicians. All course materials included. 

Regular attendance is necessary in order to ensure that all students acquire the basic fundamentals needed to complete each project. Music is a cumulative skill that takes time to hone; each week builds on the last and we at Third Haus want to make sure that your child receives what they need in order to succeed. Failure to be at dress rehearsals, workshops, or performances will result in a student work going unperformed. If students have more than 2 absences, excluding family emergencies or other extenuating circumstances, they will be put on probation and may be terminated from the program, with no refund and at no cost to Third Haus

Prefer to work one-on-one? 
Reach out to us at about private lessons for all ages with Trey Makler. Offerings include traditional lessons in music composition, ear training, music theory, and/or preparation for conservatory auditions, tailored to the individual.