By joining us, you understand that you will be in a space where everyone, of every age, is creating new works. This means that it may be as quiet as a chorus of paintbrushes, or may be as loud as a string quartet rehearsing. We at Third Haus believe in creating a space for tuning in, not tuning out; for inspiration and creativity to flow unimpeded; for curiosity, experimentation, and discovery; for a museum of process, not product.  

  • Access to a creative co-working space

    • **Note: We have kids-based programs Mondays through Fridays, from 3-6pm

  • Discounted access to events

  • Opportunities to regularly engage with artists through sharing of co-working space and skill-building creative breaks (learn how to draw, read music, etc.)

  • ***Most importantly, you must enjoy being around kids! Kids may not be in the studio all the time, but we have youth-based creative programs from 3-6pm on weekdays. Kids are at the core of why Third Haus exists and we ask that you are someone who appreciates the energy and creative optimism through which they experience the world. All of us aim to both inspire them and be inspired by them.


  • Drop-ins: $15/day

  • Monthly Membership: $250/month

    • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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